Sunday, 17 March 2013


Right now, I'm in school at a sunday(!) and cleaning up this animation. Feels soo nice to be alone here for once... The character is Roxanne from a Goofy Movie. I love her flowy, round 40s style animation construction.(Reminds me of the centaurs from fantasia 1940 )This assignment went well. I am really fascinated with how stuff always is moving flowy, in arcs, like everything in nature on the earth... Rounded, like shells. For the first time in this school i started to enjoy making assignments like those , And because i felt encouraged  this turned out well. When your naming and making art technical like in animation (techniques, time charge, planning) I could not follow this so i thought that I was really bad at this. No, I just had to find my own work flow, like most off us in my fantastic animation class. For me, artistic work turn out good, or bad, I can't know before it's done: Depends on mood, creativity and so on. In this industry we have to learn to be creative on order, during time pressure.

Rough planning:

Touch up:

My ref:

Gonna post a clean version, maybe invetweened and coloured in a while! *

Arcs science!!! :)

(How I plan animation,..also a screencap of lightable function in TvPaint program)
The natural arc

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