Tuesday, 18 June 2013


SMASHDOWN - A short movie done in school durig four weeks.

Movie by me and fellow animators and computer artists - Credits; Sören, Mads, Awesta, Andreea, Michelle, Fredrikke.
Here is some Animation I did for the movie, ...And I also worked on some clean up and colour, storyboard and designs. Everybody was in the pre-production. We are both computer graphic and animator artists who worked on this. WE animars had to work ith limited animation, that means, really fréw frames and cheating on movement so it does not take that much time... but I could not manage. I like smooth, Disney-like animation.
    Animating did go so slow. We where not so orginased as we could have been in my group .... but in the end it went fine, and I really enjoyed the project. The animators ahd a lot off shots each - We also cleaned, inbetweened and coloured; In like 2 weeks...

This was my shots I had to animate. My step 3 of rough animation off the very first character shot...

Louise Gregersen touch up, Frederikke Berg colour.

In this I fixed everything myself.

Our style guides was "Ren & stimpy" creator John kricfalusi and Chris Haugton. Our words we got to build the movie from scratch from was "Toe", "Melandrama" and a quote by David Mamet: "Every scene should be able to explain three things - Who wants what from whom? What happens if they don't get it? Why now?"

The ugly-ass character I designed. Th animated characters had to be ugly, EXAMPLES off John K style;exampleexample exampleexample .We where thinking off having closeups like John K uses; But we did not get to that point, we did not have enought time...
 He also does really rendered paintings for closeups, and all the chicks are hot and nice looking... Our's is a strong female!!! :)



Drawings by Awesta Rough


drawings by Søren Krøjgaard

By Louise Gregersen


(With baby vulcano)

For all characters there is really interesting background storys and character descriptions, but I'm not gonna post it here for now...

Chaoo, good night!

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