Saturday, 13 April 2013

Old Animation !

Some old Animation assignments from school I re-post now. Something went wrong with the movie file if you upload directly to Blogger,... so I had to go around it, upload it on YouTube.

 I've notices that animation is not really my niche in this industry, even if it's kinda easy by now. I want to create new characters and stories. I rather design stuff, where you do research, take inspiration from history, culture and art!

One of my best assignments I've done is the dialogue-scene that you'll find earlier in the blog, and this one, classic cell-animation Mickey. Non of them are done, We always have new stuff to do in school, even thought I'm thinking of cleaning some of them up in the future.


When drawing animation the classical way on paper it, which is much more time-consuming, but it also gives ythe animation a certain "real" feeling and emotion that I think only the lld cell animated movies have.

I made a parody of all those cool 80s cartoons... Done in aftereffects,. (I did not draw the He-man background, or  He-man!)

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